Wednesday, May 03, 2006

You say 'Sale' I say 'Sell'

Ooops!  My first accent problem happened today.  The mortgage specialist working on our house asked if we had a certain contract on our present home.  I answered, only a contract to “SELL” with our realtor.  (This is a prime piece of knowledge so that everyone knows your serious..)  Our Broker heard contract to “Sale”.  Big difference, so all our approvals had to be redone.  It took us a few minutes to sort the whole thing our because neither of us could tell what the other one was saying even then, both being pronounced “SAYELL” in Southern.

Which reminds me, when we came to visit during a Jewish holiday last year, we were invited to a family’s house for dinner one night (it was Passover, which has great ceremony attached to the dinner, so it’s kind of a big thing).  The woman at the synagogue who introduced us told us in a whisper, “Now watch out ya’ll, they are from New York and their accent can really hurt your ears sometimes…”

Our accent, originating in Colorado, seems to be a bit gentler on the ear.  Who new?


Anonymous said...

YOU'RE serious, not "your" serious. You don't own it.

Who KNEW, not who "new" unless you're new to the language.

Who's teaching English in these liberal places??

Emotenote said...

Wow, I've heard about bitter bloggers but I never met one. No wonder you signed in Anonymously.

Missing the point here some?