Friday, June 29, 2007

Man of the week again

Once again my DH has outdone himself and has been voted DH of the week! Was it due to the clean dishes in the dishwasher? Perhaps it was the giant tomatoes that got him a nod...

But no! It is due to his recent biological and archaeological exploits that we congratulate him with this award.

Yes, that man I live with has started a collection of dead animals. This would be fine if we lived in the desiccating desert of Arizona, but we live in the nice moist hot Southeast, where animals mostly fail to dry and proceed to rot instead. And so, when I enter the garage, stepping over his unfinished tomato trelises, boxes from our move and various recycling (which is trying to reclaim itself at this point) I smell a wonderous smell. When I asked him about it he replied,

"Don't ask..." (which should be his nom de plume)

And then, with my powerful deductive reasoning and the fact that he had mentioned finding a dead bat recently, I knew. What I didn't know was how many. Let's just say when I told him to get rid of them or get some salt to desiccate them he returned with quite a lot of salt and quite a few containers. After that I stopped asking.

What does he want to do with these new pets? I'm not sure but I believe they will be displayed proudly as hunting trophies in one of his two offices, especially since the dead deer on the road would take too much salt and we simply do not need another squirril on the wall. Needless to say (although I will) I hope it's not at work, where his patients might see them and think this is the result of his extra special acne cream, although a small sign saying

"RESULTS OF TOO MUCH CIALIS" would be perhaps send a message to our current legislators.

(This is not his bat. This is a bat found at my mixed media seminar, soon to be worked into a piece of artwork as 'mixed media'. What is it with bats this week?)

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