Monday, May 15, 2006

Now Listen to Our Story...

Happy Post-Mother’s Day Everyone. I must say that due to the Benevolent Blogging this Sunday, it was one of the most interesting Mother’s Day ever. $27.00 for The Orphans Foundation of America was raised with many kind and fun responses. It was fun to know that we were all desperately trying to leave comments on everyone’s sites before the days end. Oddly, no one left a comment on the Husband for Stud posting, which I figured would generate some comment! (Like, how much?)

Today I’m trying to tie up lots of loose ends on the home buying front. Which means ¼ business on the phone and ¾ chatting with all the bankers and real estate people. I have learned now to leave plenty of time for such things. We’ve also discovered that the price for having someone move you is really high, so we may just load up the old car and do a ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ but backwards…

Now listen to my story ‘bout a poor family
Dad got some learnin’ so they’ve gone to Tennessee
They’re hoping that life up the mountain will be good

But they sure can’t take everythin’ they think they should

Stuff that is, goodies and toys

Should they leave the kids? Or should they leave the pets?

As far as they know this is good as life can get…

They’ve been living up north where the winter winds blow

But there’s a rumor now of places without snow!

Leave the coats they said, bring the boat instead…

“Another great adventure!” Shouts the father of the brood

Mom’s just a dreamin’ about that extra bathroom

But we’re all just excited to get on with the move

Check with us in a while when we’re in our Tennessee groove!

Chattanooga that is….Chooo Chooo.

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