Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mothers' Day!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all you Moms out there. I got to celebrate early with a lovely dinner sans children, a walk downtown and a movie. All this thanks to a friend who volunteered to have our kids sleep over. I know that doesn’t seem fair, since it IS Mothers’ day, however if you had kids who talk, sing, dance, run, jump and cling as much as mine, you’d understand.

Today I’m going to sneak a perfume blog into my usual Yankees Moving South, because this really is one of my passions and most of the Benevolent Bloggers have come from Beauty and Fragrance Blogs. So hey!, let’s make everyone happy today!

I’ve been testing lots of perfumes to see which ones will be appropriate for Southern Living. You see, I’ve been living in Wisconsin were summer is short and winter is long, so I can wear very deep, strong, heavy Orientals, flowers and woods almost all year ‘round. However, once you’ve overdone the rose on a hot, humid day, you never want to smell rose again. Been there. Recently. In fact, my beloved Cedre’ by Lutens, is definitely a ½ squirt on a summer day, if at all. However the Mure de Musc by L’Artisan is a new find and starts strong but winds down to a lovely light berry.

So, I’ve been sniffing and collecting mainly “Summery” fragrances like Carthusia Mediterraneo, Eau d’ Hadrien, Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil and Un Jardin de Mediterranee and Eau des Merveilles
I’ve collected some Tommy Girl and some FCUK (which is just a spray on with no thought sort of fragrance), and then there are the light flowers like Do Son and La Chasse.

For earthy scent I love, love, love Terre d’Hermes. Bois de Iles and Songes are what I wear if I want classic sexy, and I really want to get a-hold of some Sacrebleu for the classic notes. However, I haven’t been able to find a light and transparent Rose, or an oriental that is light and free. Armani Prive’ Bois d’Encens (so ethereal and beautiful) takes care of my love of Incense fragrances but I will have to limit my Amir by Tonnato.

My daughter loves my Bvlgari Extreme. It has gone to my favorite list when my youngest grabbed me in a big hug and said “Mommy you smell soooooo good!” Jasmine is my absolute fave’ but the ones I practically bathe in are wayyyyy to strong to use in summer. (Especially a la’ Nuit)

So if anyone has suggestions for Southern Summer frags, let me know. I realize there are certain quintessential Southern smells like bar-b-que and…. Bar-b-que (OK, I really don’t know anymore yet, but I will find out) but the closest I could come to that would be Idole by Luben but I’m sorry to say, it’s just too strong and it doesn’t reeeaally smell like bar-b-que. Does Dogwood smell?

(I have to say, Guerlain and I really don’t get along and neither do most of the s-fragrances, except the Surf Spray, which you can’t get in the US) One of my most favorite body creams is made by Mixed Emotions, but they discontinued the tea scented ones. Bummer.

Oddly, when I was last in Chattanooga, I didn’t really smell anyone. I have a very sensitive nose so I was expecting to either smell over perfumed or sweaty bodies, but even when it was 80 % humidity and 80 degrees I was never bothered either way. I know that sounds weird, but I didn’t really note anyone wearing any perfume of note. I guess everyone there has learned what I now know; you can’t guild the Southern Belle.


andy said...

So, it is the 14th and I just hope this comment counts....
I have some ideas for your southern summer perfume. How about ambre sultan by serge lutens?
Fragrant wishes from a fellow blogger

katiedid said...

Hullo! Have you tried i Profumi di Firenze's Ambra del Nepal? I promise it is exactly perfect for hot weather, even hot HUMID weather. And it's an oriental! It's so, so, so easy to wear, and it's perfect in the heat. I love Morilla's Jet-Scent for S-Perfume, too. It's such a shame that more folks have not been able to discover it.

Dogwood does have a smell - you mean when in blossom, right? I don't know of any perfumes that try to recreate that scent off the top of my head though. It's so light smelling to me: perhaps it's just too hard to nail down? I'm sure someone might have a perfume for it, and now I want to know the answer, too!

I feel you on the Terre d'Hermes. I love, love, love it too. Excellent taste you have.

Kyahgirl said...

Happy Mother's Day! I totally understand about the kids. I'm actually having a 'girl's weekend' away this weekend so won't see my kids until tonight.

Nice to meet you. I've never been here before. I like!!

(Mother Hen's Place)

Kyahgirl said...

p.s. did you know you have 'moderation' on?

:-) that gave me an excuse to make another comment and cost you more money heh heh.

Parisjasmal said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

I was in the opposite situation a few years ago. I was a Southerner who moved North. SCARY!

Everything is fine now, in fact I cannot imagine moving back to the South.

I hope we get tons of comments for our Benevolent Blogging!

Tania said...

Light orientals: Tea for Two (L'Artisan), Dzing! (L'Artisan), Teorema (Fendi), West Broadway (Bond No 9)

Transparent roses: Maybe Rose Ikebana (Hermès) or Yuzu Rouge?

Rock on, Benevolent Blogger!

Annieytown said...

Happy Mothers Day!

Ataulfo said...

oh I think so

colombina said...

I love, love, love Terre d’Hermes. Bois de Iles and Songes too! :-)

Very Happy Mother's Day to you!

greeneyes said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Chris said...

Good luck with the charity endeavor!

Heather said...

Happy Mothers Day


Jennifer said...

Happy Mother's Day! We are recent transplants to the South as well. We're West Coasters so it's been quite the culture shock for us too. We've absolutely loved it!

Emotenote said...

Thanks everyone so far! Does posting on my own site count? Of Course!
Andy, I've never tried Ambre Sultan and I love Amber scents.

Katiedid, I've never tried any of the i Profumi di Firenzi's. The Ambre sounds nice and your the second one to suggest an Amber. Love it.

Kayahgirl, oops, fixed that!

Parisjasmal, I would think that would be a shock. After I had been in the South for a bit, the speed of northerners irked me a bit so I could see I was changing already!

Tania, I do love Tea for Two, but I haven't tried Teorema, add that to list!. I really do like West Broadway, because, well, I think it DOES smell like West Broadway! I forgot about Rose Ikebana, and I'll have to try the Yuzu. Thanks the really good suggestions.

Jennifer, we are actually loving it too! we really love to travel and adventure so that makes it all the more attractive. We make the final move in June, so we'll have the summer to aclimate to warmth.

LotionBarBunny said...

Stopping by for the fundraising!

Happy Mother's Day to you!

benvenuta said...

Happy Mothers` Day!

Sybil said...

I'm a total newbie to perfume, but Katie is right...Ambra de Nepal is a great light oriental. And by the same line, I like Melograno de selvatico (pomegranate). It's very light and refreshing. And lately, I've been hugely fond of The Different Companie's Sal de Vetiver, which is great if vetiver works on you. Enjoy the south...I once spent about 6 months in Texas. It was a different world...

The Scented Salamander said...

Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for posting on my blog and sharing something of you:)