Monday, May 08, 2006

Husband out for Stud

Now that we are moving to Tennessee, my husband had decided he needs a horse at some point. Not just any horse, a Tennessee Walking horse, because he loves a folk song about a Tennessee walking horse. He gets a lot of ideas like this.

So of course, we neeeeded to go to the
Wisconsin Horse Show so he could check out the horses. (Background: He knows absolutely nothing about horses and has ridden a total of once.) So off we go to the Horse show. The highlight of the day was the viewing of the Stallions who were on offer for stud. Beautiful horses, amazing personalities. Each horse was introduced and spoken highly of, “Gentle disposition, fine colts, not a mark on the females…”. My 5 yo daughter nudged me and asked why these horses were all male.

I said, “Because these horses are all going to be daddies so the owners want to show everyone what kind of daddies they will be.”

She thought about this for a few minutes and then asked,

“Did daddy do this when you were picking him out to be our daddy?”

Long pause,


“Well then how did you know he would be a good daddy?”

“Um, he looked like he’d make a fine daddy when I met him”

She looked at me like I had been totally irresponsible.

P.S. My husband decided he liked the Foxtrotters best so he entered a drawing for one. Luckily the drawing isn’t until August, when we will actually be in Tennessee, instead of storing the horse in our condo.

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