Saturday, June 24, 2006

Southern Hospitality

While visiting Signal Mountain, the sight of our new home, I stayed in a B&B for the first time in years. The owners, Susan and Earl, were wonderful and the epidomey of what I consider Southern. Susan had lived in that same house for 30 years. It is decorated in early "Stuff" style, a collection of, well, everything. Panels of artwork next to tapestry, antique furniture and a beautiful yard with a front flower garden any gnome would be happy to inhabit.

From my perch at my private breakfast table on the second floor I could look down on the garden and watch the Over the Hedge dramas unfold down below. Along with this amazing view of color and variety was the color and variety of my breakfast. As you can see, just as attractive as the garden. In a way it was very French, little bits of each side dish in little bowls or plates with the main course and any added flavorings. The hit though is the fruit bowl with a great variety topped with yogert, whip cream and crushed chocolate graham crumbs. Oh man did I savour that thing!

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