Friday, June 30, 2006

Day 4

The last of our belongings have been loaded onto the wagon train. Except for the 6 full boxes sitting in our lodge waiting to be sorted by this eve, the 2 other boxes waiting at the old homestead, the 4 suitcases, 3 laundry baskets and several bags also awaiting examination and shipment on the Pony Express. This does, therefore, call for extreme action on my part, mainly by sitting down to record these events. Also petting the dog.

It is silent here at the temporary lodge. The silence is rare and wondrous, and I can almost relax except in the knowing that the bugle of need will be sounding through at any moment and I must be ready at attention, able to collect the dog and all necessaries and rush out to rescue the children or the husband or both at the same time.

We have been to the water hole twice, the children could stay in for days. The youngest is learning to put her head under and blow bubbles. She is quite excited by the fact that, if you open your eyes underwater no matter how much it stings, YOU CAN SEE THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL!

We are getting desperate for nutrition having shot some KFC last night and a clown with a red wig today. I can only hope something better will come along this evening.

The call has come. I must go. If you find my stricken starving self, please give me m & ms.

Later in the day;
All members of the party have been rescued and fed. We have said our sad but good- humored goodbyes to our very good friends, Abby ‘Abicus’, Turk ‘Mr. Incredible’, Jenna ‘Cinderella’ and Drew ‘Buzz’ Wilson. A future Wilson is on the way, Marcinda Delmonico Fantasia incredakid Wilson, AKA little klingon. We will also not forget Jesus the alligator and Sid, their giant skink, who shall go down in history as the only immortal skink in the world.

I’m afraid I was only ½ present for the farewells, being too full of what needs to be done and too empty at leaving our home and friends, but I am consoled by Turk, who was the same, except he was full of painkillers from surgery and the empty would then be self explanatory. Tomorrow we need to send a smoke signal to Loretta ‘You gonna’ make something of it Fella’ Feldman, Abby’s mom (from Chicago), who has also been a wonderful friend and neighbor and without whom, we would never have met the Incredifamily.

Let us not say “goodby” my friends, but rather, “We need to come back soon to see if Sid is alive”. (are you guys SURE she was just hiding under that towel?)

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