Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Day 2

We were up and going with the birds today, readying safe zones in the house and getting everyone’s teeth brushed. A small setback, the packers ended up being a packer, fairly small even for a big job. We’ve given her extra provisions to keep her going. There was some confusion as to just how much we have to load onto the main wagon. As it is, she has sent a messenger to try and get more help. If she does this herself, I believe she is deserving of a big tip!

All the animals are quiet, so I am left in peace to record our proceedings, which may or may not be of value to others following our trail. Tonight we will either dine on raw fish, or find some way to cook it in a leftover oven with no utensils or pots. Otherwise we may be stopping in one of the local saloons.

Well, it took me a bit to realize it, but the brave woman packing up our things is Pregnant! Yep, I kept thinking, “Why is this woman going to the bathroom so much? Is she pregnant or something?” And then the shoe dropped, or the belly showed. Talk about your big tip now! I’m hiding out at a coffee shop to entertain Bindi for a bit. I did have to get myself a banana split for nourishment, else I might not have survived. Bindi is helping me type. It’s probably time to head back and supervise now.

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