Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Couch that ate Chattanooga

Psychologists say that couples who stay together for a long time tend to take on one another’s tastes, therefore becoming more like each other, like people and their pets. This can put a damper on the said relationship, since our differences are what attract us to each other (at one level).

Not a problem in between Robb and I. Viva la difference!…..but for buying furniture.

There is joy in the air as we enter furniture stores, each of us full of anticipation at getting a little more furniture for our new house, which is twice as big as our present one and we have an absolute minimum of furniture anyway. However, that joy is quickly dashed as from first breath we part ways, I towards my marshmallow art deco curved couch sets, and he towards his clean-lined hard modern pieces.

We can each look over the fence at the others choices and say, “Oh, yeah, that’s ok…”. But actual agreement is hard to come by. If there were such a thing as Danish Modern, Art Deco, curved, comfortable, modern, wood, leather, metal, fabric couches in good taste, we would blend ever so harmoniously, but this is not yet to be.

To illustrate:
Robb’s choice;

Pam’s choice;

My choices need to be comfortable, cushy, inviting, clean but with character. His
needs to be sleek, Danish modern, visually attractive but not necessarily comfortable. I like curves, he goes for lines. He really likes big sectionals, I like a variety of pieces. He likes dark cave-like dwellings, I like light and air. I love world influences, Japan, Morocco, the Mid-East Italy, he likes Danish Modern. We do both agree that French Provincial is out. Maybe.

He has difficulty with the big picture, it’s scary and unknown. Better stick with a single focus, as in…that chair, and Danish Modern. Just that chair. Don’t confuse me with the rest of the room. I’m a big pic gal. Here is the fireplace and here is the kitchen bar, all things must have harmony with these areas….

We’ve come to one agreement, he will decorate the study, and I will decorate the master bedroom. Ah Ha Ha Ha! (evil laugh)

Bedroom: but with lighter colors and more silk

Study: but with Danish Modern

We have now view so many websites with examples of couches that I’m dreaming about driving around in a giant fire engine. Oh wait, wrong dream…

Anyway, the search continues, stay tuned…(the Mr. wants space for rebuttal.)

P.S. You might be saying to yourself, wow, you're lucky you can afford to buy any furniture at all, why disagree about it? Well, if you saw what we've been living with for the last 9 years, you'd understand...

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