Sunday, April 22, 2007

Too much to even begin to Blog

Heaven help me, there has been so much going on in the last month that I couldn't even begin to know where to start, so I'm making public mental notes so I'll remember to write more about these.

Let's see...

There was the American Lung Association Bayou Ball staring "Here comes the Mummies" (a band dressed in mummy costumes, and not on Halloween)
Side Note: Lots of Mummy bun grabbin' and not by the men...

Then there was the Signal Mountain fund school fund raiser "A Night at the Prom" starring all the respectable people on Signal Mountain recapturing the Horrors of their prom nights, mainly in the 80's.
Side Note: post pictures, there were some of the promwear were doozies.
Also, you CAN get anything on e-bay!

Spring has sprung in Chattanooga, which means everything started to bloom and leaf and then a hard frost killed everything all over again.
Note: Remember Dogwood and Blackberry winters next year.

Robb gets botox. Yes the doctor finally gets a taste of his own medicine; and guess what? It smarts a little.

Our dog got his summer haircut...right before the hard frost. But it's ok since there was no dog inside all that fur. But I must say, what was left was pretty cold for a week or two.

We attended the 4 Bridges Art Festival which has a sign that looked like 4 pairs of women's underwear. Not sure if this was on purpose or not.
Note: All the 'local' artists we gravitated towards ended up being from Seattle.
This was very weird. They all wanted lessons on how to speak Southern.
We told them to just add a couple of syllables onto every word.

We're also taking volunteers to help us unpack our last 25 boxes that don't seem to be unpacking themselves. And guests are coming in a couple of weeks. Hey! wait a minute...

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