Wednesday, April 25, 2007

People wonder what goes on behind the doors

Most of us know the scene well, we wait in the lobby, and then are admitted formally into the back of the Dr.s office. There are lots of hallways and doors. Then we are settled to wait, and while we wait we wonder how many tongue depressors I could get away with or what would happen if you connect the blood-pressure cuff to the odolaringynoscope. OK I do. (Sometimes this goes on so long it ends with making origami out of pictures of Jimmy Carter from actual Time magazines still in the room) until the nurse and then the doctor finally arrives and announces a hangnail.

However, should one walk into my husband's office, and wonder what is going on in the hallways and behind closed doors, I can tell you.


Yep, Mr. I need to go to medical school to be a fulfilled person, not only set this up but invited his staff to participate in a t-shirt making frenzy for my daughters Destination Imagination team, IN THE FRONT AREA OF HIS OFFICE! (using, of course, non irritating dyes)

Needless to say his staff loves him.

I had to wonder, what did they say when they went in to see patients with rainbow stained white coats that looked like a 'My Little Pony' had thrown up on them?

So dear reader, if you are ever intimidated going into a doctors office, now you know. Look around, maybe some elves are making shoes, or maybe Elvis DOES live but spends his times getting lab samples ready.

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