Monday, February 05, 2007

Little Book of Magic

Angels are singing, birds are chirping and I am so excited I could spit. At least, I think that's what we here in the South do.

Why this explosion of ecstasy usually reserved for a new ice-cream? Because I am now the proud owner of a new passport. Yep. Me. I am official and I have a little book with my picture in it to prove it. And even almost as good, it took less than a week to get. I did pay the extra money to get it expedited, which I thought meant it would come in perhaps 5 weeks rather than the usual 6. This is the Government people...nothing takes 5 days.

Those of you who are passport pros are probably wondering why all this babble, especially about a little book that represents the tragic state of the world in that we cannot blithely and innocently go and visit whom ever we want any time we want. (glad to get that off my chest) However, this little book also means big things. It means adventure is waiting just around the corner and it reminds me of the wonders I experienced when last I used this little book, nearly 20 years ago. (Which is why I needed a new one)

Now that I have my little book, and I have seen that it is not so very aggravating to obtain, I must fly and get little books for the rest of the family so that we can all go on adventures together. That way, if we all want to rent bikes in Holland, we just whip out our little passports and say, "Tak, I vonten ein reddish bicicle danks."

And, BTW, my last travel companion on big adventures has been my life companion for nearly 20 years, so the little book is a reminder of that small accomplishment.

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Anonymous said...

I love you, too. Just think, 20 years ago you were putting tiny daiseys in my beard while sitting in a field in central England and documenting it with a non-digital camera. Let's do it again.