Saturday, January 06, 2007

End of 2006

Now that the holiday season has taken a hiatus, until the Groundhog Day sales begin again and the newspaper takes on that large and bloated look due to ad indigestion, I think it’s time to look back at the end of 2006 in our family and post a few pictures that I didn’t have a chance to post earlier. Here in the South the ‘Holidays’ are huge. It’s the time when everything is happening at once. Every event happens in a two-week time period before school break. One of those events is the annual school concert parade of proud parents and durgy music designed to make you swell with pride and then burp loudly during the second act.

The tickets for these two torturous hours of the slowest version of Jingle Bells I’ve ever heard, set us back $14 dollars apiece. They were supposed to be $7 but I left the first set at home and we had to buy 4 more. The event was set in the city theater, the Tivoli, a very nice venue to be sure. However, even huge chandeliers and beautiful drapes were not enough to keep our 6 year old entertained, and so I joined many other pairs of rotating parents in the lobby, all of us feeding our children M&Ms one at a time to keep them quiet and happy. The other reason for our stay in the lobby was the two giant (like, 25 ft. high) and frightening Nutcracker banners hanging in the back of the stage. These were the ugliest meanest Nutcrackers we had ever seen and most of the younger kids were afraid to look at them.

Because the schools in our area decided to have all their concerts here rolled into one we only actually saw our daughter from afar. In fact, it may or may not have even been our daughter. Luckily we took the correct one home with us.

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