Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Learning something new

One can count on having experiences that widen your horizons and expand your knowledge when you travel or move to a new place. Thus this must be true of moving to Tennessee, although there are some who would disagree. We, however, can prove otherwise. For instance, I have learned definitively that ANYONE can be on the Board of Education here, whether he or she is qualified or not. For once it’s not a case of having money or not, just brains. And those who tend to be the least qualified also tend to be the loudest about things they know very little about. But isn’t that always the case?

However, onto lighter matters, here is one invention we discovered that I’m sure didn’t have it’s origins here but was widely used during a wine tasting event we attended recently. A very formal wine tasting mind you.

Robb was expressly forbidden to drink from the glass while it was on his neck.

Next came this little gift from the office, which was given to everyone in his office to wear on Botox days.

My special shirt in rhinestones said, “Pale is the new Tan” in pink.

We've also recently heard that Goats are being used to try and cut down on Kudzu growth. In case you don't know what Kudzu is, it's known as the weed that ate the South. Only one goat has died since the experiment started, by natural causes they say.

At Hardies thay have something called a Pork Chop Biscuit. A deep fried pork chop that is placed between a split buttermilk biscuit and recommended to be eaten dipped in sausage gravy. How do I know this? Because my husband who has high cholesterol and high blood pressure ate one. I have threatened his life, in case the pork chop doesn't do him in first.

At Cracker Barrel, they receive shipments of lard 6" round and 3' long which is pretty much added to whatever seems dry that week. Robb swears he has not been to Cracker Barrel. I'm sharpening my steel toed cockroach killers (picture later) just in case I catch him with a pork chop or seat at the Cracker Barrel.

He is now at this moment trying to distract me from this blog so I won't write any other bits about his eating habits.

On the up side - HE HAS PASSED HIS DERMATOLOGY BOARDS!!!! - in case there is any question about the difficulty of this, find a dermatologist and ask them about it. Then get a thorough skin check. It could save your life.

More later...

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