Friday, July 07, 2006

Several Days Later

Sometime later….

We lost contact with the web sometime after Illinois. We are alive and well and living on Signal Mountain in our new home. All the animals and children arrived just fine. Robb and I are now bald but otherwise well.

We are sharing our home with boxes and flies and repairmen of all shapes and sizes coming in and out on a regular basis. Not only do we have the normal new house set-up, we have the new-new house set-ups. We’ve had a couple of doorknobs come off in our hands, a shelf fell down, the lawn tried to drown itself, one sad plant died and several rooms were missing various connections to one thing or another. We’ve had UPS deliveries, mattress deliveries, and strange neighborhood dog deliveries (and you KNOW what that means…).

The dishwasher was a huge mystery since it comes in two parts, we have no idea how to work the sprinkler system or what days garbage is picked up. Our telephone line is not buried yet and stretches across the lawn and then across the street. So far the folks who put in the lawn have mowed the phone line and the phone line folks accidentally cut the sprinkler line trying to bury the phone line. The washer hookups were reversed, surprise! We now have some very small items of clothing.

Even though there are plenty of bathrooms upstairs, the master bathroom has become the family bathroom. We’re hoping to have some guests soon so that the other bathrooms get used and the kids can’t seem to find toilets when they need them.

Robb’s auto and our second truck of belongings are still missing, as are, for some very strange reason, all of our knives. We’ve found all other kitchen objects, but no knives. Admittedly our cast iron pots were packed with sandbox toys so the knives could be anywhere.

Bindi has used my yoga mat as a bathroom, so needless to say there will be no downward pointing dogs on my part any longer. Why was the mat out in the first place? Cedar was doing yoga from Cedarland. (Cedarland is the place where all imaginary or wishful thinking things happen or live. For instance there are no stinging bugs in Cedarland, but there are lots of flying mammals.) There is also chocolate pudding land; use your imagination.

We are thrilled to have so much more room for normal things. For instance, in our condo we had all our pots and pans in about 3 sq. feet of space. Here we have an actual full cabinet for them. They look small and humble in the space, as do we, I’m sure. All in all we are very happy to be here and take the strange happenings with humor. I’ll be starting work on the garden as soon as I can figure out how to re-attach the doorknob to let me out of my room.

More soon,

Whipper ‘E’

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