Thursday, April 27, 2006

Movin' on up...

too-ooo the top....

of a hill in Chattanooga...We have put on offer on a house. The house is large. To us, having lived in as small as 800 sq. ft., the house is very large. Compared to all the places we have lived, Chattanooga is very inexpensive. So we can afford a bigger house. Why do we need this big house? Because we have lots and lots and lots of stuff to go with our family hobbies. We need studio space for all our art and supplies. We need a study for our 50 boxes of books, we need storage in the garage for all our camping supplies, my DH needs space for woodworking and beer brewing. He also needs a place for all his medical journals and textbooks which I'm pretty sure he will never ever read after boards. I need places for my yarn and fabric stashes as well as 3 sewing machines (each with a different use acquired over the years). And yes, a big closet for my clothes collection. Collection? you might ask? I worked in a very expensive boutique for a while. Employee discount. 'nuf said. Oh yeah, kitchen gadgets. Mr. Gardener is also Mr. Kitchen guy. His hero is Alton Brown and he dreams of someday owning a really good set of knives.

We also need space for a dog, which we don't have yet. We need garden space for Mr. gardener, who suddenly, 5 years ago, discovered that good things to eat can be grown right out of the earth! Can you imagine?! However, DH is a dermatologist and therefore we cannot garden unless bundled in our snow suits with level 50 sunscreen on the tips of our nose sticking out of our ski hats.

Where have we been living? Underneath books, papers, journals, art supplies and everything else. Now that our house is on the market, we've put lots of things in storage. The kids keep saying,
"Mommy the house looks so clean, and bright! Can we keep it like this always?...
"Yes dear, in our new gigantic house with lots of closet and storage space..."
How big is it you ask?

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